When you don’t know what to say.

paper-heart-safety-pin… exactly.

I have been struggling to put my thoughts and feelings into words that can come out of my mouth (or keyboard) and make any bit of sense.

I have so many friends that blog and have had an outlet to channel their views, feelings and such. This website, isn’t a “blog”. (though, I know I should be on here more) So, I’ve gone back and forth so many times in the past few days, as to whether or not I should even make a statement for my little business. What can I say? I’m a little paper business. I make cards and invitations. What in the world could I say, or do that would make a bit of difference, help people.

I try to be as politically neutral on here, because everyone is welcome. Everyone experiences love, loss and joy. Everyone deserves a little glimmer of support, or a giggle now and then. Those are the experiences that my greeting cards and custom printing are for.

Ink Meets Paper Design, is here for, and supports everyone. I don’t care who you are marrying, sending a card to, having a baby with, or in a relationship with. I don’t care. Why don’t I care? Because you are a human. And that is the only race that matters.

I am beyond words, sad and fearful for my friends and families that fall into the categories of minorities, immigrants, biracial, the LGBTQ+ community, or anyone else that has been targeted for no reason, other then being who they are. How they were born. I have spoken to all my friends that fall into these categories, and they have seen it firsthand, experienced it firsthand, and are all scared.

What I am not going to do, is point fingers. It does nothing to help. What I can do is urge everyone come together and support each other, defend each other, or offer a simple gesture of support. The safety pin is a great start, but sometimes, people need a bit more then that. Hold a door for someone. Smile at someone. Offer to help. Offer an ear. Listen, and never judge. Until we have walked in someone else’s life, we have no business assuming or judging.

I very quickly pulled together a PDF of little cards that can be printed out, and given to someone that might need it. Leave it on someone’s table at a coffee shop. Hand it to the cashier at a store. Slip it in to a co-workers bag. Do it anonymously, or do it face to face. Whatever you are comfortable with. The cards are in purple (the blended colors of the two parties) but, will also print in gray scale.

United, we are stronger than divided.

Let’s unite.

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