Behind the Scenes of Summer

There comes a point when you are a working-at-home mom, that you feel like you just never.have.time, you are drowning, and if one more person touches me, I’m going to LOSE IT. This point hit HARD this summer with me. I had both kids home full time for 72 days (not that I was counting though?) This was the first summer that we chose to not send our older one to a camp, and instead we joined the YMCA. “Yay!” we said – “Swimming!” we said “on site BABYSITTING!!” we said. “We are SO going to have fun, and save money!” … we said. Then around day 5 of having both kids home and awake from sun up to sun down (which IS longer in the summer, btw) did we say. Uuuuhhh… maybe the Y isn’t really enough? It really doesn’t help that our kids are five years apart, one girl and one boy. They really have nothing in common… except me.  And what made it that much harder, is that not only do I work at home, but my husband has a “real” work at home job. Try keeping two kids quiet during the day in a tiny little cape! Not easy at all!

But, what I managed to accomplish despite the ever bickering, needling of each other, Paw Patrol and Girl Meets World marathons was actually pretty exciting.

  • I decided to finally take the plunge and go vegetarian
  • I really found some awesomely fun salads and sides and perfected them
  • I did an epically large printing order for my sister-in-law’s baby shower – invitations, thank you’s, menu cards, banner, straw flags, and a custom leather bound guest book. (and I learned to foil for this project too!

foil(There was gold foil EVERYwhere!)

  • I started in the spring, and completed in the early summer a wedding album (!!!) AND it was on display at the Richmond Bridal Expo!

albumalbum on display

  • I did a complete switch of website hosts (how does it look?) I’m still getting my bearings, but so far, not too shabby!
  • And then, just as I was at my whits end, in the throws of a complete and utter implosion of any sense of control, I was approached by an old friend to work on a couple of pretty big projects. (more info to come later!) But what I CAN say now, is that there will very soon be a social stationery and custom holiday book on my website, as well as much more detailed information and ordering forms for retail!

So, how was your summer??

OH! I almost forgot!

Nicolas Cage started following me on Etsy!

nic cage (not really)

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