Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and the everyday person

I recently read a fantastic article in the NY Times titled: “Why Startups Love Moleskines” because, well… I’m kinda a nerd about this stuff.  I have always had a love affair with a good quality notebook, and I was starting to fear that paper notebooks were being pushed out by tablets, phones and other electronic devices. Though I do appreciate the convenience of technology (as I am using my laptop right now) It would not be unusual to find me with my laptop in my lap, and a notebook to my right.

I was so excited to see an article that went into detail about the reporter going to a tech heavy event and “the majority of the people in the room, whether clad in hoodies or golf shirts, were balancing on their laps not iPhones or laptops, as I might have expected, but Moleskine journals.”

Personally, I adore Moleskin products – which, technically is pronounced mol-a-skeen-a  (or so I was told when I interviewed with them a few years ago) The company was launched in ’97, and it was a teeny tiny little company at the time, to the point that the paper company that I worked for from ’03 – ’06 carried them in the stores, and we just could.not. keep them in stock. The stationery/journal buyer was told that they were making them by hand, and the demand was so much greater than the supply abilities. I know Spike Lee pretty much stalked our journal department on a daily basis, waiting for us to get them back in stock! He would start at one store (we had four in Manhattan) and ask, and we would tell him that the entire company was sold out. Then, out of possible desperation, or suspicion that we were just keeping him from his cherished notebooks, would go to the remaining three Manhattan stores just to make sure.

The original black notebook is designed after journals that famous writers and artists used, and they are just the most handy and sturdy things out there. I snatched one up, pretty much off of the truck when we got a shipment once, to give to my “writer boyfriend” now husband.

The company has evolved so much over the past 18 years, so many more products are offered, and they obviously have their manufacturing down to a perfect science.  Did you hear that Evernote created special notebook, in partnership with Moleskine, that allows handwriting to be easily scanned into its cloud-based service partnered with Moleskin?? Evernote jokingly called it a truce between analog, and digital. It truly does not have to be an either/or decision.   I am just so glad that actual notebooks are on an upswing!

So, at least I now know, that I am probably not the only one out there, with a laptop in my lap, and a notebook to my right. I’m in good company.

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