Going for Gold

Sometimes, I get my best inspiration from clients. I have always had the approach to working on custom jobs, that you should come to me with any and all ideas, visions and dreams that you would like to incorporate into your order, and I will try my darndest to accomplish them. Sometimes, I can deliver on those, sometimes, they just are not feasible.

I was recently approached to create a baby shower invitation. But not just any baby shower invitation. It was to be elegant and sophisticated. The colors were to be mint green and gold.


Now, here’s the tricky thing about gold. There is a very fine balance when doing any printing of gold other than engraving. If you choose just the right tone, and the font is just thin enough, it can come across quite nicely. If your font is larger, or thicker, it can come across as a big brownish blob.

As the font that the “mom-to-be” chose was a bit thicker, and she wanted it to be the focal point of the invitation, I did some research, and found a very unique technique to accomplish a gold foiling, that doesn’t require gluing, wetting or leafing. I was cautiously excited about the process, as the invitation was to have a full mint green wash in the background. That could pose a problem. So after many e mails back and forth with a lovely customer service rep with a vendor that sells the materials for this process, (like, so many e mails, I swear we are having Thanksgiving dinner together this year – Hi Frank!) We figured, it should work? And the best approach, would be to just give it a try.

Well, it did work! And I am super pleased with the results. I think I have some tweaking to do with my technique and some of my supplies (on my end, not the vendors) But, aaaahh! Gold foiling at a reasonable price? Yes, please! See my results below: (they are a bit blurry, as they are just a small portion of the invite, so to protect the privacy of the client:


Now that I had a whole new feature to offer, the best coincidence happened. My cousin just launched a wedding and event planning company in Richmond, Virginia, after years of working for other companies, she said enough is enough, let me do this on my own! She has asked me to be an exclusive vendor of custom printing. Yay, right?

Yes, it is a very big “Yay” but along with the “yay” came an “Uuuhhhh” because I was tasked with creating a wedding album. No big deal, right? Yeah… it’s a pretty big deal. The majority of the work I do is truly custom, and because it is such a personal process to create truly custom pieces to represent who the order is for, I have rarely been comfortable offering the same product to other people. So, I was basically starting from scratch, AND trying to stay within the lines a bit. Nothing three dimensional, and everything designed just on paper. (not the way I normally think – but the way a book needs to be)

I’m working on tweaking and final proofing in the next week or so. My dad is making me my book! (because I can’t do anything easy, and I just couldn’t find anything quite like I wanted) I am excited to launch this portion of Ink Meets Paper Design.  Keep a look out for when I launch the album digitally on  here, and if you are local – please ask me to take a look? I’m probably going to want to show it off like a

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