Invitations, Holiday Cards, and a new start to the school year

Things have been busy around here. Much of it being behind the scenes… I have been working on a wedding invitation suite for someone, and I have been trying to get my Christmas cards in order, so that I can have the designs up and ready for the season… and my six year old started first grade a few weeks ago.

Having worked in retail for so many years, I have become a bit of an anti-holiday person. You are so inundated with the holidays. Planning starts in July, shipments begin coming in September, and you are in the mentality for so long, that when the holidays finally are upon you… you have no desire for them whatsoever. (not to mention the exhaustion you have)

With that said, I am still of the firm belief that Christmas doesn’t belong in anyone’s world until after Thanksgiving – and I will stick true to that to a certain extent. But in order for my cards to be ready for everyone to purchase in time for the holidays, I have the designs completed around now. I will be posting them probably around 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. But I will not be turning my store over the holidays until after Thanksgiving.

I have updated my store on here, and some of my cards are available for purchase. All of my cards are available in my Etsy store. (except for one that I sold out of at my local events!) That one will be added shortly.  I have also been trying to get the rest of my product photographed for my Etsy store, but my little one year old makes it very difficult to do much during the day that takes concentration… and time… and more then 15 seconds without hearing a crash, smash, bump, scream, cry, or the ever more frightening – silence.

I’ll be posting some new tutorials soon as well. I have a ton of new projects and ideas to work on for the new season upon us (Fall is my absolute favorite – followed by winter!) I may even post one or two baking tutorials… now that my kitchen doesn’t turn into a sauna by just looking at my oven… I can actually bake again.

Until I resurface though…
Enjoy the weather, and take advantage of it!

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