Heigh ho the derry-o

I have never been shy about my love for the Mount Hope Farmers Market– I love it there, they seem to love me (even if it’s just because they have a soft spot for me since I was their first “craft vendor”)  But I have finally returned. When I was talking with the director of the market, about coming back, I mentioned how long it had been, and she couldn’t believe it. Yeah, that’s what happens when you have a baby, and your life is turned upside down!

I have been back twice this summer, and I will be back again this coming Saturday. I have done better at the market this summer, then I had in the past (and I had always done “well” there!) It has been truly reassuring. Things have been challenging around here. The little one has decided that he no longer will nap during the day, and that kinda gets in the way of me being able to do any work that requires daylight (read: photographs of my product for my store) I have been doing all of my work from about 9:00 at night until about 1:00 in the morning. Ideal? No, but if the market has anything to say about that, it has been worth it. As far as my online store goes? I’m sure I’ll figure something out. It doesn’t help that we have been super busy this summer.

This past weekend, we were out of town, in my husbands hometown to attend his 20th high school reunion, and then my father-in-laws surprise 70th birthday. Yes, we “surprised” a 70 year old man with a heart condition. It definitely worked in our favor that he has some pretty significant hearing loss (all weekend, it was: larry… Larry… LARRY!!!) So, our yelling of “surprise” was probably not as jarring as it would have been to others ears.

It went off without a hitch though, and I will be doing a memory book for him that everyone contributed to, with everything from photos from his childhood from his sisters, to funny stories by old friends about his childhood in the Bronx.  It should be fun, and I will try to document as much as I can to be able to do a tutorial on how to pull one of those together. They really aren’t hard at all. I did one for my sister-in-law about five years ago for her 30th birthday, and they are a ton of fun to look through for years. It just takes some organization, and definitely helps to have informed people providing the photos so that you know not only what order to put them in, but also how to group them together.

So, that in a nutshell is what I have been doing lately. I can’t wait to get started on the memory book. and be able to show all of you how I have pulled it together. Hopefully soon! I am still waiting for stuff to come in, and then once I have it all, I will get started.

So, until next time… I’ll be on the farm – and then I will be on vacation! One week away, at the beach, with family… I am getting SO excited!

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