I used paper napkins! (and just for the flea of it)

We are just coming down from a crazy week and a half here! My husband was away on a business trip from Sunday to laaaate Friday night, and in our infinite wisdom, we figured we would host a family BBQ on Saturday. (both of our families live out of state, so events like these aren’t what you might call quick and easy).

Why, you ask, did we do this to ourselves? Maybe we are just gluttons for punishment, but more accurately, we are practically booked solid for the entire summer, and this was really the only date we had available! I’m not even sure how it happened… we are SO not this popular, but between four scheduled Ink Meets Paper events, a milestone surprise birthday party, birthday parties, BBQ’s,  the 4th of July – which is a HUGE deal in our town, as we have the oldest 4th of July parade in the country, friends moving back from out of state, a high school reunion and my FIRST real vacation since 7th grade (our first as a family) scheduled for a week in August (which is kicked off by a family reunion) our summer is just gone. We are starting to wiggle people in on Sundays and Friday nights even.
So, I have been slightly neglectful in my blogging, and much of anything else lately. It is h.a.r.d to plan, shop for and prep a party with a combined 10 people, two dogs and two very disgruntled cats, when you have a one year old who hates running errands, and a 5 year old who is (shall we say) a handful at times? Especially when you are doing the single parent thing for the week leading up to it.

So, as far as my paper contribution this past week, it has basically been paper napkins and paper plates. I usually use cloth napkins (we use them every day) and re-usable plastic utensils and plates when outside, but I just didn’t have it in me to load and unload my dishwasher an additional four times this weekend. Especially when we ended up getting volunteered to host a semi-impromptu neighborhood BBQ TODAY. Seriously? How does this happen to us? The only perk of that was that I got to put out our leftover sides from the day before, otherwise we were going to be eating pasta salad and sweet potato salad for the next week.

But, the one truly shining point of all the complete and utter chaos, was when I opened my e mail on Friday night, and saw what I couldn’t believe I saw. I had applied to be a vendor at a juried event, and had absolutely no expectation of being accepted. To the point where I was recently giving our availability to someone in order to schedule a party, and I said there was one “up in the air” date, but it would probably be a mute point because I didn’t think I stood a chance of getting in.

BUT… I did! I am super excited to announce that I will be a vendor at The Providence Flea  on August 24th. It should be some really good exposure, and such a fun time! The vendors they have, are so incredibly talented and unique. The Flea is described as an upscale urban flea market of vintage finds, furniture, art, fashion, local crafts, curiosities, nonprofits, food trucks & more.

They describe the concept that they were “Inspired by the insanely popular, fun and funky flea markets in Brooklyn, New York, we had the idea to recreate this urban hotspot of cool right here in our own capital city.”  How could I not be perfect for it? I went to school in Brooklyn, and lived there for 11 years!

So, thankfully I am as turnkey as possible when it comes to events, so I am all set for them, and I think (maybe?) that our weeks will be pretty free, so I am hoping to get back to my tutorials and some more frequent blogging – I can’t wait to report on how my events are going!

PS: I would like to just state for the record, that we will NOT be hosting another BBQ for a while, I’m not sure we will be able to handle it again until we have some recovery time. I will be a happy guest for the next few weeks!

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