Well… it’s kinda hard to see, but that image is the e mail I received today – that thousands of others got in their e mail today as well. Those earrings on the left? Yep! They are mine!I am going to be able to reach so many more people then I could ever imagine, in such a short amount of time… it is truly amazing… I am humbled.


Aside from my product being on there (which is super cool and awesome in and of itself), once you look at my stuff, please take a wander around the rest of the site. There is some really incredible stuff on there.

This week is National Small Business Week, a week I supported with passion before I even became a small business operator/owner. Small businesses are what keep our communities going strong and staying fresh.

I can’t think of a BETTER week to have this launch for me.
                                                         Support small businesses!!!


And PS:
Here is how I look on the actual website!!Check it out, then be a peach, and buy something, share it with (every one of your) friends, spread the word! I want to sell out!

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