Sometimes, you get the best email

I have been active on Etsy for the better part of six years. As a seller for just about three of them, I have had my Etsy love affair grow and wither numerous times during this time. I think that is fair to say about any relationship in life, be it with a person or a website.

But I have to admit, nothing has continued to pique my interest more then when I get a correspondence sent to me. Sometimes, it’s just a miscellaneous invite to join a group. Other times a customer mistakenly thinks I had made a product for them in the past.

But occasionally, a really good one comes along.

Last week, I had not only one, but two great correspondences sent to me through Etsy. The first was from a customer I met back in December at a trunk show I did in Soho. She was a fantastically funny woman, and very easy to remember. (Want to create a lasting relationship with a business owner? Have a fun conversation with them while you shop.) Anyway, she got a hold of me through Etsy to order some more magnets and a few books. I adore repeat customers so much!

The second conversation I received was on the day we left for South Carolina, from someone I had never met named Emily. I didn’t recognize her, and had I remembered to put my store on vacation mode, I may not have gotten the message at all. I guess sometimes it does pay to be forgetful and absent-minded!

I read the conversation, and then read it again… maybe even a third time. Then I brought my phone up to my husband’s office, had him look up the website, and then read the conversation I had received. I just needed to make sure I was reading it correctly.

I was contacted by a buyer with a particularly large e-retailer. She said:  “I came across your store, and absolutely love your designs! I think they may be a really good fit for our site called

Yes, I paused to allow my heartbeat to slow a bit.

After researching the site a bit more, I learned that it a very new retailer (founded in Spring 2013) with the following mission: “…to bring it’s members fabulous fashion from the best handmade and independent designers.”

I can get on board with that mission!

The site is a membership site along the lines of Zulily, in which they partner with designers to feature their items for sale.

So, I am very excited to say that I will be featured on 9th & Elm beginning on Monday, May 12th for a seven-day Flash Sale, with the option to leave any product that is not sold on the site full-time. I will have 20 pieces of my jewelry featured, and am super thrilled about it!

I think the most special part of this to me, is that I was discovered! I didn’t seek them out, I didn’t attempt to get my product on a website – they found me! This reaffirms  what I do, and how my products have the ability to relate and appeal to people.

It’s nice to be noticed!

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