A trip to Charleston, and the opportunity to see my product in action!

Whew!  We just got back from a family wedding down in Charleston, SC. Because we are gluttons for punishment, we chose to drive (from Rhode Island!). Two children and three adults packed into a Jeep Grand Cherokee. We picked up my sister in Philly to join us for the ride (because we are just that nice) We also may have been a little desperate for another adult to be in the car for the ride, and at the wedding with us to help our sanity and with the kids. As three of the four of us were in the wedding, it was a juggle to make sure everyone was taken care of at times.

The wedding was absolutely lovely.  I am sure it was the day that the bride and groom always dreamed of. I was able to stand up and support the couple with not only 8 other bridesmaids, but also Sophia as a flower girl and my husband who was not only a groomsman, but also officiated it!

The ride? Not so much fun. We had some pockets of fun on the way. We got to stop and visit family in Virginia, and have some laughs, but a combined 43 hours in the car?  I would not recommend that to anyone… ever.   No matter how roomy the car is, or how optimistic and patient the passengers are, it is a LOT of family togetherness.  Let’s just say we started off singing along to Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits CD, and laughing as we messed up lyrics and remembered stories. On the way back, we were all pretty much scowling and ready to jump out the window on I-95

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing a “Mad Lib” type card I made up for the bride and groom be filled out by the guests. It is not often that you get to see your product “out there” being used. It was a lot of fun.


This is what I did for the bride and groom. The bride saw it, and requested that I re-create it. I personalized it though.  (I took their names off for the sample here)I am going to create some new templates along the “Mad Lib” theme and post them in my custom work section. They will be available for order via PDF download, or I can print them, cut and ship them as well.

I have to say, I have so many ideas going through my mind lately, I just need to find the time to sit down and work on them. I am hoping that the event I will be working at next month, will be the fire I need to be lit under me to get moving. It’s just so easy when you are with a (gasp!) 11 3/4 month old during the day to just become a vegetable at night!

I’ll figure it out though!  Thanks for being patient with me, these past couple of weeks. I know I have been a bit quiet on HERE, but It was a lot of packing, prepping, driving, and decompressing – but I’m getting back on the wagon!

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