Say it with paper… or not?

I have a confession to make. I am not (at all) a gushy, “romantic” type.  What I am, is sentimental.  This has served me well in my paper journey. I used to work for a paper company back when I was living in NYC, where I designed custom printed items. I found it to be an honor to be able to have a part in peoples most special moments in their lives.

I had clients that came to me for stationery, as single people, then came back for save the dates with their newly affianced, then wedding invitations… thank you notes… and birth announcements. It was awesome! I have been invited to engagement parties, birthday parties and corporate parties by clients (even to Thanksgiving dinner one time!) And I loved every.single.minute of it.  I probably designed hundreds of wedding invitations over the years, and have to admit that I may have flipped through some books to have an idea of what I would want (just in case) my boyfriend popped the question.

The time did come where did… and, funny story though – he proposed in my printing department. He came in under the ruse that he was checking out ideas for his co-workers sons upcoming Bar Mitzvah for her. He kept insisting that I “just get an order form out” and I kept arguing that I couldn’t do that, if I didn’t know what printer she wanted to use. That went on for too long, because the next thing I knew, he was down on one knee! I heard NOTHING of the actual proposal – seriously, it was like the Charlie Brown teachers voices in my head. His PLAN was to have me start writing on an order form, and he would recite the proposal. I of course was being stubborn and oblivious.  So typical of how we operate!

Once the dust settled, and I stopped sweating. (I happened to be wearing a turtleneck sweater on a day that was much to warm for it) I got a few drinks in me, and where most women start dreaming of their dress, venue, guest list, who they would ask to be bridesmaids etc, I was planning our invitations. I knew I wanted to do something different. I had seen so many variations, designed so many custom pieces, I knew I wanted ours to be different.

What I came up with was a cork board Save the Date, and a veneer and letterpress invitation. Marrying my love of book binding and a “different” look. I think I succeeded.

Invitations have come so far since I did ours 8 years ago. I am in awe of what some companies are doing. Check this stuff out!
I am going to begin to offer screen printed invitations (and other custom printed items) in the near future.  I actually did my sister-in-laws Save the Dates… but that’s another post! The beauty of screen printing, is that it can be done on virtually any medium. I am looking forward to this new journey, and am anticipating a lot of fun in doing it!

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