A place for everything, and everything it it’s place

I will be the first to admit, I tend to be a bit O.C.D.  Clutter gives me agita, which if you look it up in the Urban Dictionary, you get a pretty accurate description of how I get when I see piles, or clutter, much to the frustration and eye rolling from my family

agita:  1. Heartburn or gastric distress.  2.Giving you more aggrevation than you can stand.

Although, I do feel that the former definitely causes the latter, but I digress. With kids – clutter and piles and whatnot is inevitable. The best I can do, is do my best to make the best of our situation.  I have found that the most successful way to do that, is to involve my daughter (I will begin to train the younger one, once he masters the ability successfully get food into his mouth every time he attempts it)

Since beginning kindergarten, somehow Sophia has accrued close to two dozen pencils, and I am not even exaggerating. I think they are breeding when we sleep. Pencils, crayons, pens, and makers were everywhere in our house. The kitchen mostly, as that is where we have a little table set up for her, so that she can do her homework and eat her breakfast without being all by herself in the dining room.

So, last week, I bought a new tub of oatmeal, and every time I bring a new container into the house, I always try to think of a way that we can reuse it, or re-purpose it. Sometimes, I am successful, sometimes, I can’t think of anything, and sometimes they turn into epic disasters.

Once I transferred the oatmeal into the glass canister we keep it in, I sat and stared at the empty tub, and tried to think of something we could make with it… The first thing that came to mind was a drum. Then I got a hold of my senses, and mentally slapped myself in the face, because what mother in their right mind would want to ADD noise to a house that is already mind numbingly loud, I looked around the rest of my kitchen and the procreating pencils caught my attention.

I grabbed Sophia and set her to work cutting up some of her favorite papers from my scrap paper stash, and we collaged the outside, Sophia stuck all of the paper on with a glue stick, and then I coated the top with modge podge. Then we added some strips of solid paper and hot glued some pom poms to the bottom of the tub, and voila! We had a pencil cup large enough to hold all of her stuff. And the bonus is that it more or less matches the “Proud of Myself” box we made last week.  Princess stickers were added later after we got the mail and a card from Grandma contained the stickers inside.

When I started crafting with Sophia a few years ago, I invested in one of those plastic felt backed tablecloths from Target, and it works fantastic. I don’t even bother to clean it when we finish. It’s gotten pretty gnarly over the years, but it has saved our table so many times!

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