Boosting Self Esteem and being proud of yourself

When kids transition from being a “big kid” at preschool to being a low one on the totem pole when kindergarten starts, self esteem becomes a bit of a challenge. Our daughter has always had a way about her, that she can make friends with just about anyone, but she had been at her preschool (and daycare) since she was just 15 months old, so she was practically a mayor of the establishment.  They learn so much when they go to kindergarten – not only intellectually, but also socially. The social transition and learning can be the biggest challenge that they face, and I think it’s important to remind them that they are great kids.In order to boost her self esteem and remind her that she is such a great kid, and should be proud of herself, I decided to take vacation week to work on a project that was all her own, and that she (and we all) could use as a esteem booster.

The project was entirely hers, she did everything herself, and now every day she is so excited to fill the box.  The premise is very simple. We took a box – any box will do – shoe box, mailing box etc. I happen to use a box that I get a monthly food subscription in, just because I didn’t have a shoe box available, and I liked that it was one piece.  I just cut a small slot in the top with an x acto knife. Next we went through a ton of old magazines, catalogs and fun papers, and we cut out her favorite things, and just using modge podge we collaged the entire outside.  Then I cut strips of paper, and every day, whenever she wants ,  she writes something she is proud of herself for.  She loves it, it seems to be working, and her favorite thing to do is to go through it and read all of the stuff she has written about herself.   There is just two rules – only good stuff can go into the box, and everything she writes, has to be her own idea, and her own words!

Our supplies consisted of: Magazine and paper cut outs Box with a slot cut out Modge Podge Brush and Cup. I used a hot glue gun to attach the pom poms and the sign
Doggie dentures anyone? This was layer one of many
IMG_2962 - Copy
Another Layer
IMG_2964 - Copy
Modge Podge tends to wrinkle magazine paper… but if you use a good layer, as it dries, it will flatten
The finished product! All I did at the end was take a slip of colored paper, and wrote what the box is for, and hot glued it so it bows out. Fun!

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