A Valentine for the slacking parent (guilty as charged here!)

Well, it has certainly been long enough!  I haven’t been able to get out of my own way lately, and for that I apologize.

Now, to kick of my return from a very… VERY long slumber of sorts, I am here to talk about a holiday that I really have never been able to get into. Though I do get a bit nostalgic when I remember back to elementary school, when every Valentines Day, we were given the best homework assignment: Decorate a shoe box to be our “Valentines Mailbox” It was my favorite homework assignment of the year! (not a math scholar here, people – went to art school for a reason)

Anyway, even though I loved making my mailbox, and as a kid, loved getting Valentines from all of my friends, as an adult, I have never been a girl who expects flowers, chocolates, jewelry, or a fancy dinner.  But, as we all know… when you have kids, everything changes, and one must embrace all holidays (even the made up ones – I’m sorry!)

This year, I am shocked to report that I not only remembered Valentines was coming, but I had my A-Ha moment timed just right, and I was able to NOT be the mom running out to Target on the 13th to get the last dusty, dented 20 year old box of  She-Ra: Princess of Power Valentines. I am also pleased to report, that my A-Ha epiphany made the normal battle of wills between myself and my daughter to get the Valentines addressed and signed in time for THIS years Valentines a non issue! Woohoo! Small victories, people… small victories.

My idea cost me literally TWO DOLLARS for 24 Valentines, and I am here to share my victory with you with a free printable! Literally, all you have to do is print the page onto any paper – pretty paper, colored paper, heck – printer paper – no difference! Cut out the hearts, (the outline is pink, in case you do use plain white paper) then cut a 1/2 inch slit above the top line of text and below the bottom, (if it helps, I found the length of the word “Valentine” on the heart is the perfect length) and you then Just have your kid sign their name, slide the pencil in, and you are D.O.N.E.  (the pencils were found at my local Dollar Tree – 12 pencils per pack – I bought two packs)
,            IMG_2952        IMG_2958 (640x359)

You’ve got the write stuff

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