A work – life balance?

IMG_20130911_135157Yowzer! The last time I wrote on here, I was just about to pop! You can see the reason why I have not been as active on here lately. <—– Pretty good reason, no?

I do have a confession though. I had been doubting my little “business” lately. I admit – I had gotten a bit lazy and even a little bit more discouraged. Life was taking over and heading in a direction that wasn’t looking good for me to be able to have the time to dedicate to this venture, I was T.I.R.E.D. too! And not just the physical, I’m about to have / have just had a baby. I was getting tired of the uphill battle of online sales, and where to sell to be the most successful.

With this baby on his way quickly, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to be as active at events and the thought of searching out yet another online sales site, setting up another store, with all of the work that goes into doing that just seemed so completely exhausting.  My stuff sells great when I am out there at events in                 person, doing my thing, talking to customers, but my e-commerce – not so much.

Well, as it turns out. Life took a turn for the (very) good. My little guy loves to sleep, and is content in the various rockers, jumpers etc, that we have. So, it looks like I am going to be able to have some time to dedicate to my work. Where I am going to sell online is still to be determined. Etsy is great, if you have a strong following that will seek you out, but if people have to stumble on you, it’s a bit more daunting. Especially since they changed their categories on the front page, and it is no longer listed as product categories, but gift recipient categories. (I can’t even find myself that way!)

But with all of that said, I have decided to completely strip my store of everything I had been selling – marking everything half off! (check it out!! https://www.etsy.com/shop/inkmeetspaperdesign?ref=si_shop) In order to re-launch my store with a much more focused and streamlined look and selection. I want to focus more on items that I can easily sell to stores, and even work on some custom products. I have dabbled in screen printing lately, and even did a custom order for my sister-in-law, screen printing the Save the Dates for her upcoming wedding. So – yes, I will be offering screen printed products soon as well. Probably starting simple – gift bags, gift wrap, cards. Hopefully moving into custom papers for my books and custom invitations, matchbooks and other party favors.

So, in conclusion – I haven’t gone anywhere, just think of my quiet time off as a hiatus as I though long and very hard about how I was going to do this. How I was going to balance being a mom to a newborn and a 5 year old just starting kindergarten (zoinks!) and trying to re-launch a little business. Please be patient with me, as I work through some wrinkles and the occasional sleepless nights. I’m going to have a new look and a whole new feel for Ink Meets Paper Design very soon. I promise to be more active on here, on Facebook and Twitter (@inkmeetspaperde)! And before I let myself get discouraged, I need to remind myself that Twitter just announced that they are not yet profitable. And if they are still going strong, then I shouldn’t complain then! These things take time!

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